My quality of life, take time to talk about it

What is Octave?

The OCTAVE online self-⁠questionnaire aims to help your medical team know how you have been feeling since your last consultation and to better understand your expectations and your daily needs through eight quality of life dimensions.

5 to 10 minutes is usually sufficient to complete the self-⁠questionnaire

Your answers will not be saved, accessed, shared with or transferred to anyone other than the email recipients you will indicate at the end of the questionnaire. Once sent by email, your answers and the email addresses will be deleted from our systems.


Benefits of completing this online self-⁠questionnaire

Before your next HIV follow-up consultation


Facilitate discussion with your medical team, and address topics that are important to you


Optimize your follow-up

In practice


I complete the self-⁠questionnaire before my next HIV follow-up consultation


If I wish, I e-mail my results directly at the end of the self-questionnaire with the option to also send it to my medical team


I will discuss with my medical team, based on my results, at my next HIV follow-up consultation

BE-UNB-0993 – Date of preparation: October 2023